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Institute of Education, University of London, Denys Lasdun, 1975 – 1979
Institute of Education, University of London, Denys Lasdun, 1975 – 1979

Infra- Space- Supporting- Structure
Structural entanglements and spatial spheres in London

Su. 19. - Sa. 25.10.2014 | 10-14 Participants | Cost range C | Poster

The transformation of the small-scale, later rapidly and extensively growing cities by transport infrastructures during the industrialization period has had a lasting impact on many western metropolises. Roads, canals, elevated railway lines, sewage and underground railway pipes still form a dense network in their multiple overlapping. The era of the high-rise building expanded it into a spatial structure. Above all, the utopian concepts of post-war modernism took up the image of the metropolitan machine (Antonio Sant′Elia 1912) and transformed it into a living, mutable organism. Exemplary are the influential designs of Archigram from the 1960s, which anchored the structural scheme as a powerful architectural image. Today, the ideas of infrastructural stratification and spatial compression are clearly visible, especially in the metropolis of London: extensive high-rise buildings penetrate the old and new traffic fabric; above and below ground squares, niches and nodes are created. The seminar trip examines metropolitan dense structural spaces and strategies of structural entanglement. It focuses on the effects of spatial-structural constraints on architectural and remaining spaces. With the help of photography, we want to make visible, understand and explain qualities of structural spheres. Architectural photographer Hannes Henz will be at our side. In addition, there will be walks and discussions with architects, engineers, urban planners and a historian along important urban junctions.

Expert for the integrated photo workshop:
Hannes Henz, architectural photographer

Terry Farrell & Partners, HawkinsBrown, Michael Hopkins (architects)
Hoare Lea (engineer)
Robert Thorne (historian)
Peter Bishop, Peter Hall & Murray Fraser (urbanist, Bartlett)

Institute of Education, Denys Lasdun
Brunswick Center, Patrick Hodgkinson
Barbican Centre, Chamberlin, Powell and Bon
National Theatre, Denys Lasdun
Hayward Gallery, Higgs+Hill
Norwich, University of East Anglia, Denys Lasdun
Ipswich, Willis, Faber + Dumas HQ, Norman Foster
Lloyd‘s of London, Richard Rogers
Westminster Tube Station, Michael Hopkins

Chair of Structural Design
Prof. Dr. Joseph Schwartz

The price includes flight, accommodation, transport and guided tours. Various architectural tours, daily photo workshops and reviews.

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