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Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia

La Recerca de la Forma

Su. 17.03 - Sa. 23.03.2013 | 12 Participants | Cost range D | Poster

Taking as starting point the model that Antoni Gaudí developed as a form finding method for the “Church of Colonia Güell” built in 1915, this seminar will look at some of the best examples of integration of geometrical and structural principles in the works of Gaudi and his disciples. In addition, we will look on how manufacturing processes has shifted from familiar practices to worldwide companies by the development and application of contemporary methods and tools. The aim of this trip is to combine these visits with a small workshop where the students will test and learn the principles and processes related to form-finding methods and their materialization. We will visit the workshop of “La Sagrada Familia” where the experts in geometry Andres de Mesa and Esteve Umbert will make an introduction about the geometrical principles applied by Gaudí on his works and how manufacturing methods have evolved during its construction, from handcrafts to digital tools. The second visit will be to the “Church of Cripta Güell” where we will analyze the construction and the use of catenary models as a form-finding method with the help of the researcher Santiago Huerta. Apart of the works by Gaudí, we will look at some of the works of his most talented disciples such as Lluis Muncunill. Finally, we will visit two Catalan manufacturing companies: on one hand, Escofet (founded in 1889) that decades ago manufactured some pieces for Gaudi and now is producing reinforced concrete elements for architects such as Toyo Ito or Jean Nouvel and , on the other hand, Ceramica Cumella (founded in 1880) that has manufactured ceramic tiles for architects such as Miralles and FOA.

Pablo Ros
Miquel Rodriguez
Ceramica Cumella
Workshop Sagrada Familia

Palo Alto

Chair of Structural Design
Prof. Dr. Joseph Schwartz

Transportation, accommodation, visits and reader are included.

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