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Power Station Weger
Power Station Weger

A trip to South Tirol and Innsbruck

Sa. 20.10. – Su. 28.10.2012 | 12 Participants | Budget D | 2KP | The artwork can be proceed as "Wahlfacharbeit" (6 KP) | Impressionen Objekte | Poster

„Das Prinzip aller Dinge ist das Wasser, denn Wasser ist alles und ins Wasser kehrt alles zurück.“ nach Thales von Milet (625 - 547 v. Chr.) in Goethes Faust

Like on all trips of our chair, we focus on a specific topic in the field of “force, form and materiality”. This autumn we discover water. Water is always around us, but it is not easy to come up with a precise description. From gaseous to solid, from dynamic to static, from transparent to opaque – water has a wide variety of forms, which is why proper analysis is necessary for answering the question: What is water? In a combination of sightseeing, expert discussions and a workshop, we will try to understand this material. In this workshop we will start from different points, and with an experimental workflow we will make some small works of art. The Swiss artist, Jürg Altherr will support us and every group of students will get a specific tutor (specialists from different disciplines like healthcare, farming, physics, theology), whose profession is related directly or indirectly to water. By involving experts we will have discussions about physical, sociological and philosophical topics at a high professional level.

Jürg Altherr (Künstler)
Thea Altherr (Fotografin)
Martin Geier (Landwirtschaft - Gemeinde Algund)
Dr. Adelheid Stifter und Dr. Lo Consolo (Gesundheit - Therme Meran)
Dr. Georg Premstaller (Physik - SEL AG)
Prof. Dr. Paul Renner und Dr. Reinhard Demetz (Theologie - Universität Bozen/Brixen)

Chair of Structural Design
Prof. Dr. Joseph Schwartz

Transportation, accommodation, visits and reader are included.

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