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Ulrich Müther: Rescue station Binz, photo: A. Jahnke
Ulrich Müther: Rescue station Binz, photo: A. Jahnke

The concrete shaped by the winds
Shell constructions Ulrich Müther

Fr. 22.10. – Su. 31.10.2010 | 12 - 14 Participants | Cost range C | Impressions shell constructions | Impressionen artworks | Poster

Concrete, unlike any other building materials, is in its shape not predefined. In liquid condition it is casted on site into almost any desired shape. The form is desired, the material gives her good-natured way. In essence, concrete is so intangible, incorporeal, which challenges us in dealing more for modeling. Its essence can be heavy or light weight – sculpture, painting and architecture blend into a single unit.

In architecture, the shell constructions stand for the exploration of plasticity by great facility and for the exploration of outer and inner space without transparency, but with the sensual and purposeful determination of its massive border. Ulrich Müther’s concrete shells contrast in a particularly attractive way the opposition of often strictly mathematically or experimentally derived clear shape and the rough, broad landscape of Rügen. The mediation between the physically necessary shape and the through a design process intended form can be traced clearly, because the surface is always logical – the bearing capacity depends on the form.

During the week-long seminar tour to the island of Rügen, we want to explore the nature of the concrete together. Based on selected shell constructions from Müther and various experimental studies of our own we will examine, the formability and shape effects. The focus of attention lies on the personal confrontation with the material that helps us to make some small, individual concrete objects. The tour is accompanied by the artist Niklaus Wenger.

Chair of Structural Design
Prof. Dr. Joseph Schwartz

Transportation, accommodation, visits and reader are included.

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