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Kayserili Ahmet Pasa Konagi, streetview, 1978
Kayserili Ahmet Pasa Konagi, streetview, 1978

Wooden Turkey
A trip to Istanbul and Safranbolu

Su. 20.10. – Sa. 26.10.2013 | 12-16 Participants | Budget D | Impressions objects | Poster

Up to 20th century wooden houses dominated the city scene in Istanbul, especially based on Greek and Armenian wooden art and craft. Since 1950th and 1960th these houses disappear from the city scene. On the one hand in 1918 a big fire destroyed every third wooden house. On the other hand the founding of the Turkish Republic in 1923 effected, that Ankara became capital and Istanbul got rid of all royal households. Magnificent houses, beach houses and manor houses lost their owners and donators.

Our trip will discover the „forgotten city“. We will walk on the track of traditional craftmanship and we will discover constructional details. Taking a traditional Çay (turkish tea) we will discuss what we have seen with our experts. Another highlight will be the visit of the half-timbered houses in Safranbolu, which are UNESCO world heritage since 1994.

Priv. Doz. Dr. Martin Bachmann, Architect, DAI
Orhan Esen, Historian
Ass. Prof. Dr. Techn. M. Elif Somer, Architect
Ali Kurultay, Architect
M.Sc. Demet Sürücü, Forest Industry Engineer

Chair of Structural Design
Prof. Dr. Joseph Schwartz

Transportation, accommodation, visits and reader are included.

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