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Subway station Parilly  - Image: Jourda & Perraudin, Liège, 1993, 
p. 152
Subway station Parilly (Lyon) - Image: Jourda & Perraudin, Liège, 1993, p. 152

Architecture of the underground
The building materials ground and light

Sa. 19.03. Sa. 26.03.2011 | 12-15 Participants | Cost range C (with GA) | Budget D (with Halbtax or other reduction) | Impressions objects | Impressions Workshop | Poster

"The habitat to be created under the earth has only opened up, [...]. One is entirely dependent on the will of those who have created it. " (engl. tranl.) Boris Groys

Underground spaces are mostly beyond of our conscious awareness. In our everyday life, however, these are places where we spend a lot of time. The dependence of these construction projects from the ground and the above narrows the possibilities in the architectural design, whereas the lack of a façade provides the chance to make just space. This tension between the physical need and the desire to create architecture and also the issues of light and thus the transition from natural to artificial light is the focus of this trip. Here it is important to see the soil and light not as a necessary evil, but rather understand them as a building material, that generate architecture.

In a one-day input, we will deal in depth with the subject "Foundations" and the perils of underground construction. Together with experts, we visit relevant buildings in Zurich. Then we will learn in a 3-day workshop at the mine Gonzen how to create architecture with light. For this we will reinterpret rooms with the aid of professional lighting installations, in collaboration with the lighting designer G. Grünhage and the geo-engineer W. Fellmann. From there, our journey continues via Jura to Lyon, the city of the underground and the light, and we will have a look - with trained eyes because of the insights gained - at its architecture together with the experts.

Visits to:
Schäublin Architekten, Perraudin architectes

Walter Fellmann (dipl. Bauing. ETH)
Guido Grünhage (dipl. Ing. Masch.)
Priska Meier (dipl. Arch. ETH)

Chair of Structural Design
Prof. Dr. Joseph Schwartz

Transportation, accommodation, visits and reader are included.

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