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Buildings around Qinhuai River , Nanjing City
Buildings around Qinhuai River (Old City Center), Nanjing City

Kultur & Konstruktion
Die Verschränkung von Material, Raum und Zeit in Chinas Holzhandwerk

Sa. 3. - Mo. 19.06.2017 | max. 16 Participants | Cost range F (ca. CHF 1′900) |
2-KP + 6-KP (′Wahlfacharbeit′) | Poster | Example objects

Construction techniques and especially the handling of building materials were long tied to the respective location: local knowledge, available materials, the skills of the local worker. Viewed globally, construction strategies are correspondingly diverse, which is reflected in the different approaches to the same problem. Buildings not only look different in different places, they are also produced in different ways.

With its ancient culture, China is an influential cultural center that has developed a repertoire of construction techniques within different regions and epochs which seems very foreign to us. This can be seen very vividly in traditional timber construction, which we would like to approach curiously with the background of the Swiss timber construction tradition. With the help of the distant wood craft we want to understand the possibilities and the depths of the material in a new way.

During the seminar trip we will examine traditional Chinese construction techniques by means of architecture, interior design, art and furniture. Starting from Nanjing, we will make numerous excursions to ancient temples, pagodas, palaces, bridges or parks as well as a longer trip to villages in the southwest (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and reflect with our guests and Chinese partners on differences and backgrounds of timber construction. The observations and diverse impressions will then flow into a compact practical workshop, in which we will devote ourselves to woodworking on a furniture scale.

The trip including the workshop takes 2 weeks and takes place directly after the semester. Participants will receive an additional 2 ECTS of “Wahlfacharbeit” for the documented overall package of the trip.

The total package of the trip consists of the following parts:
. 2-week trip to China, including:
. practical workshop on China′s wood craft in Nanjing
. preparatory wood workshop at ETH Zurich (20-24 March)
. follow-up revision and documentation of the own wood work in Nanjing at the ETH Zurich

Prof. Chen Wei (Southeast University Nanjing)

Klaus Zwerger (TU Wien, Experte Holzbaukulturen) &
Alessandro Tellini (Raplab, ETH Zürich)

. Dörfer Hongcun & Xidi (UNESCO Weltkulturerbe) mit Tempeln, Schulen, Villen und Wohnhäusern
. Wohnsiedlung am Qinhuai River, Nanjing
. Garden of Family Hu, Nanjing
. Besichtigung von chinesischer Holzbaugeschichte und Workshops zum Holzhandwerk in Nanjing und Zürich

Professur für Tragwerksentwurf
Prof. Dr. Joseph Schwartz

Transportkosten, Unterkunft, Führungen, Besichtigungen und Reader inklusive.

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