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Claude Monet: The Japanese Bridge, 1899 (detail)

Bridging the Gap
Design and construction of a temporary wooden bridge over the pond between HIR and HIL

Sa. 22.10. Sa. 28.10.2011 | 10-12 Participants | Cost range A (250 CHF) | Good knowledge of CAD (Rhino) is desired

On the one hand bridge design is characterized by technical and scientific questions regarding the behavior of materials and assembly logic, on the other bridges as cultural artifacts are part of our landscape and thus the subject of architectural discourse. In this seminar week, the friction between design, materials and landscape will be explored with an experimental timber bridge at a scale of 1:1. In the first two days there will be a competition to develop the designs for a possible bridge construction. These will be built in scaled models and stressed to study both the issues of manufacturing and assembly, as well as the structural behavior. The winning project is then developed to execution, constructed in the workshops of RAPLAB and finally placed.

Launch event
Tuesday, 4 10th 2011, 18 clock, HIL E 36.1
Lecture by Prof. Günther Vogt on bridge and landscape

Walter Bieler, dipl. Ing. SIA, Holzbauspezialist

Chair of Structural Design
Prof. Dr. Joseph Schwartz

This seminar week will be realized in co-operation with the raplab.

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