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Val Fedoz, Engadin - scetch F. Hugger
Val Fedoz, Engadin - scetch F. Hugger

Creative power
A voyage through the Grisons

Su. 18.10. Fr. 23.10.09 | 12 - 15 Participants | Cost range C | Impressions of the objects | Scetches | Poster

In a two-day workshop at Villa Garbald in Castasegna we will contemplate and discuss how time shaped this landscape through its irrepressible force and learn how we can record our observations using pen and paper. The architects Florian Hugger and Thomas Rampp will introduce us to the art of freehand sketching and accompany us during the entire journey. During four additional days we will visit constructions, that even in their draft stage respect the landscape, study force and form and consciously apply materiality. The resulting constructions are objects, which have created specific locations and thereby underscore the uniqueness of nature. The leisurely hike, which will be documented using pen and sketch book will take us from the bridge of Maillarts Val Tschiel to the chapel of Peter Zumthor, from the Traversinersteg footbridge II to Caminadas Vrin. Time and again the makers of these objects will join our discussion to speak about how they perceive their home country and what is inspiring them to place new locations in the landscape.


Via Mala
J. Schwartz - Ingenieur, Oberägeri
F. Hugger - Architekt, München
Th. Rampp - Architekt, München
P. Gartmann - Architekt und Ingenieur, Chur
P. Zumthor - Architekt, Haldenstein
G. Caminada - Architekt, Vrin

Chair of Structural Design
Prof. Dr. Joseph Schwartz

Transportation, accommodation, visits and reader are included.

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