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Jing Han Lee, John Sng, Chun Hin Pun, Alana Tam
Jing Han Lee, John Sng, Chun Hin Pun, Alana Tam

Experimental Explorations on Space and Structure - HS2015

Design Exploration
For the HS2015, the emphasis has been put on the topic of folding and its implications on space and structure. A design method to integrate structural folding in architecture has been introduced the students. The design exploration has been carried out by the students following three main steps.
In Step 1 (Spatial Articulation), the students have been assigned a specific programme related to the Zurich Cinema Festival. Using the introduced design method they produced three spaces, one for each activity included in the programme. After designing each space independently, according to the requirements of the respective activity, the students developed a concept to combine them into an overall folded-plate spatial configuration following specific connection logics (internal circulation, visual interdependency, activities interaction). Subsequently, the students generated several variations of the initial spatial configuration using both digital and physical models.
In Step 2 (Structural Folding), the students selected one of the folded-plate spatial configurations created in the previous step and tested its kinematic stability and structural behaviour. In order to do so, the students fixed some support points and applied external loading on their digital and physical models. It is in this step that the relationship between space and structure has been made explicit.
In Step 3 (Adaptation to Context), given a specific bounding box within an industrial building in Zurich Schlieren and a maximum building volume of 2000m3, the students worked with the operations introduced in the previous steps to adapt their initial folded configuration to the specific site. Inputs such as access, circulation, views and orientation have been taken into consideration during this phase of the design exploration and the students have been explicitly asked to establish a dialog between the new and the existing, the inside and the outside.

Teaching Team
Pierluigi D′Acunto, Juan José Castellón, Alessandro Tellini, Prof. Dr. Joseph Schwartz

Invited Guest
Sol Madridejos (Sancho-Madridejos Architecture Office)

Leila Akech Batalla, Laetitia Berger, Brigitte Clements, Natalia Daukszewicz, Maged El Sadek, Roy Engel, Ozan Enginsal, Carla Ferrer Raventós, Linda Hatava, Henrik Ilvesmäki, Nikolai Kuchin, Katerina Krupickova, Jing Han Lee, Julia Nahmani, Florian Nussberger, Alberto Oliver Mercado, Tim Pham, Chun Hin Pun, Thierry Räss, Marcelo Rovira Torres, Arnaud Scheurer, Marc-Olivier Seydoux, John Sng, Apolinário Soares de Oliveira, Alana Tam

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