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Daukszewicz, Hatava, Rovira Torres, Oliver; EEoSS HS2015

Experimental Explorations on Space and Structure

Experimental Explorations on Space and Structure offers an introduction to architectural design based on the application of methods that integrate structural and spatial parameters. The objective of the course is to provide the students with, on one hand, a basic understanding of experimentation with design methods in architecture and, on the other, the ability to build up simple digital and physical models to undertake a design exploration in an specific theoretical context.

Structure of the Course:
From a theoretical perspective, the course will include a series of lectures in order to build up a consistent framework for the design exploration. In addition, the course will provide specific and short tutorials to equip the students with basic skills for the elaboration of physical and digital models. Following the theoretical and practical inputs, the students, organized in small groups, will develop a series of design explorations by applying methods that integrate structural and spatial parameters; this will lead to a final group project.

The participation in all the lectures, tutorials and reviews is essential for a correct development of the group project and, therefore, it is mandatory for all the students.

For obtaining 3-ECTS an active participation of the students in the design explorations is requested, as well as the submission of the required documents for the reviews and table critics. In addition, the group project must be evaluated with a minimum grade of 4.0.

Teaching Team
Pierluigi D′Acunto, Juan José Castellón, Alessandro Tellini, Prof. Dr. Joseph Schwartz

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Maximum number of students:

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