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Vector-based 3D Graphic Statics
2015 -

Exploring non-regular spatial structures might prove a difficult design problem and designers usually lack adequate interactive tools. Graphic statics has demonstrated its relevance to support the design of two-dimensional structures in an interactive and informed way. One of its main benefits is the possibility to represent the form and the inner forces in two interdependent diagrams. In this context, extending graphic statics to the third dimension allows new possibilities for early-stage structural exploration. There are different ways to embark on this topic. The one chosen here uses vectors in both diagrams. At the cost of losing pure mathematical reciprocal rules between the two diagrams, this approach seems to increase the level of accuracy in quantitative perceptual tasks. This aspect is directly related to the legibility of the diagrams, which plays a key role in interactive graphic statics.
This research is carried out as a collaboration between the Chair of Structural Design (ETH Zurich), the Structures & Technologies Lab (UCLouvain), and the Structural Xploration Lab (EPFL Lausanne).

Research Team:
Pierluigi D′Acunto, Patrick Ole Ohlbrock, Prof. Joseph Schwartz (ETH Zurich)
Jean-Philippe Jasienski, Prof. Denis Zastavni (UCLouvain)
Corentin Fivet (EPFL Lausanne)

Related Publications:
D′Acunto Pierluigi, Jasienski Jean-Philippe, Ohlbrock Patrick Ole, Fivet Corentin, Schwartz Joseph, Zastavni Denis: Vector-based 3D graphic statics: A framework for the design of spatial structures based on the relation between form and forces, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 167, pp. 58-70, 2019.
Pierluigi D′Acunto, Jean-Philippe Jasienski, Patrick Ole Ohlbrock, Corentin Fivet: Vector-Based 3D Graphic Statics: Transformations of Force Diagrams, Proceedings of the IASS Annual Symposium 2017 - Interfaces: architecture engineering science, Hamburg 2017.

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