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3D Graphic Statics and Stress Fields
2017 -

Graphic statics can be effectively used for the analysis and design of structures in static equilibrium and for solving engineering problems related to specific materials, most notably, reinforced concrete. In this regard, methods for the construction of stress fields and yield lines, based on the theory of plasticity, are particularly valuable; however, their automation and generalisation to the third dimension are still open research topics.
This reseach explores a unified method based on graphic statics for the generation of discrete stress fields of 2D and 3D reinforced concrete structures and the definition of admissible yield line patterns in concrete slabs. The approach relies on the construction of reciprocal stress functions, and the link between form and force diagrams through Minkowski sums.
This research is carried out as a collaboration between the Chair of Structural Design (ETH Zurich) and the Structures Research Group (University of Cambridge).

Research Team:
Marina Konstantatou, Prof. Allan McRobie (University of Cambridge)
Pierluigi D′Acunto, Prof. Joseph Schwartz (ETH Zurich)

Related Publications:
Konstantatou Marina, D′Acunto Pierluigi, McRobie Allan, Schwartz Joseph: Applications of Graphic Statics to Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete: Stress Fields and Yield Lines, Structural Concrete - Journal of the fib (International Federation for Structural Concrete). In preparation.
Konstantatou Marina, D′Acunto Pierluigi and McRobie Allan: Polarities in Structural Analysis and Design: n-dimensional Graphic Statics and Structural Transformations, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 152-153, pp. 272-293, 2018.

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