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Shuaizhong Wang Shuaizhong Wang
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Wang Shuaizhong received his Master of Architecture with Distinction from Aalto University (Finland) in 2019. He obtained his Bachelor of Architecture from XJTU (China) in 2016 with Excellent Graduation Design. He has been invited as a visiting student and finished his Master Thesis Perception of Structural Relations at ETH Zurich in 2019. He was selected as an exchange student at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan) and studied in the Yoshiharu Tsukamoto laboratory (Atelier Bow-Wow) in 2018. He worked on different architectural projects in China, Finland, and Japan. He has been awarded in several national and international architectural competitions such as the International VELUX Award in 2018, ArkxSite Site-chapel Young Architects Competition in 2019.

He has a multidisciplinary interest ranging from Architectural Theory, Philosophy, and Computation. His research starts with the notion of Strong Structures, and using graphic statics as an operational medium to link the neuroscientific and psychological human perception principles with static principles, trying to introduce an embodied structural design thinking that could connect structure, space, and body.

Since 2020 Wang Shuaizhong is a PhD student and a research assistant at the Chair of Structural Design.

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