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Hannes studied civil engineering and architecture at the Technical University Munich, McGill University Montreal and Université de Montrèal. He received a B. Sc. (Civil Engineering) in 2008 and a Dipl.-Ing. (Architecture) in 2015 with majors in structural mechanics, architectural construction and emerging technologies. With his research, Hannes aims to contribute to a team-based view of the architectural design process by analysing interdisciplinary characteristics of successful collaborations between architects and structural engineers. The research asks the question of how architects and structural engineers who, only 250 years ago, offered their services within the joint profession of the master builder, can contribute to a deeper and multi-layered understanding of what defines today’s collaborations. In teaching, he is jointly in charge of the coordination for the second year course that develops a solid understanding for material-specific solutions with regard to structural questions.

Hannes experienced architectural, engineering and construction management responsibilities within a wide range of project scales in multinational and interdisciplinary teams in four different continents and six different languages. His work includes the design of high-rise buildings in India and 6-star hotels in Thailand as an architectural assistant at WOHA Architects in Singapore, energy refurbishments of state buildings and extensions of residential houses in Germany as architectural intern at Z59 Architects in Munich, structural optimisation of school roof structures in Kenya as a student volunteer, as well as the construction of kindergartens during his foreign community service in Senegal. Before joining the Chair of Structural Design of Prof. Schwartz, Hannes worked at the Block Research Group at ETH Zurich as coordinating teaching assistant for the new Structural Design I+II course and took on the project lead for the Droneport prototype developed and built for the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale together with the Norman Foster Foundation. Hannes, as a passionate member of the BRG/ITA Running Group for the annual Zurich Sola relay, aimed to run the Uetliberg leg under 30 minutes.

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