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Walliman Nicole, HS2014

Structural design as Integrated Discipline

Within the framework of integrated discipline, the load bearing structure of the semester design and the process of its creation are the main focus of the work. Continuous development analogous to the architectural design process is as fundamental as the independent development of structural concepts. With the help of concentrated analysis and a step-by-step structural response, the student should develop for an appropriate structural solution that corresponds to the architectural design ideas.

Registration to Structural Design as Integrated Discipline must be done no later than the third lecture week of the semester with one of the consulting assistants. During the semester two meetings with the chosen assistant are compulsory. The work developed for Structural Design as Integrated Discipline should preferably be integral part of the final presentation of the design projects.

In evaluating the work we place emphasis on:

  • Integration of the structure in the design (i.e. development of the design process using structural inputs as drivers of the design development)
  • Comprehensibility (i.e. awareness in the use of structure as input of the design process)
  • Process (i.e. consistency in the development of the design process)
  • Initiative (i.e. active participation in the design process)
  • Documentation (i.e. comprehensibility and consistency in the illustration of the design process)

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